Deafies in Drag Show

  • April 13, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • CSD Klopping Theater

    39350 Gallaudet Drive
    Fremont, California 94538
Ticket Price $15.00-$20.00 This event is now over




Deafies in Drag Show

It's A Deaf Drag Variety Show!

Stand Up Comedy, Live Skits, ASL Music Performances & More!
Brought to you by the Student Engagement and 
Leadership Development (SELD) program at CSD.


(This event is voice interpreted)


Funds raised from this event will go towards SELD. SELD is the culmination of efforts to develop, support, and guide directives to provide our students with leadership and community service opportunities. Some of our ongoing programs include:

  • K-12 Clubs and Organizations,
  • Unity for Diversity Clubs,
  • Enrichment Activities,
  • After School Programs,
  • Student Life Council,
  • & Community Service Program  (NEW!) 

By purchasing tickets to the Deafies in Drag Show, you are directly supporting SELD's efforts in creating and maintaining learning opportunities for our student constituents to understand and value the importance of contributing to their local communities. Your contributions ultimately support our students' personal and professional growth throughout their academic career at CSD. Thank you for your support!

Date & Time

Sat, Apr 13, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue Details

CSD Klopping Theater

39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, California 94538 CSD Klopping Theater
CSD Student Organizations